About us

The secret to success, they say, is knowing when to DIY, and when to delegate; when to roll up your sleeves and when to call in the experts. Dealing with staff discipline and performance can be uncomfortable, and navigating the complexity of labour law and industrial relations can be time consuming to say the least. You need a partner who is as passionate about your business (and your team) as you are; someone who really commits to understanding what you need and getting it right.

We manage your industrial relations so that you can get on with business, and we can train your managers to do those things well too.

We are labour consultants. We listen, we ask questions, and we get things done. Why? So you can get other important things done. When you work with us, you’ll have access to a personal consultant 24/7. No call centres, no computer voices, just great service whenever you need us.


Equip Labour Services Consulting

Less consultant, more team member; we are on call 24/7 to help you deal with all staff related issues and queries, including matters relating to misconduct, incapacity, grievances, employment agreements, and much more.

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Equip Labour Services Compliance

We’ll help you get on top of labour law requirements by reviewing your contracts, policies, regulations and practices, and addressing the gaps that we find. It’s like a health check for your business!

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Equip Labour Services Training

Make your team stronger. We can improve the way your managers deal with staff performance and discipline (in line with the relevant labour laws, of course). We’ll equip them with practical tools they can use immediately.

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Equip Labour Services Plain Language

There’s a saying about policies: if it's not read, it's dead. We work with Novation Consulting to create page-turner policies, clear contracts, and user friendly forms for real humans.

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Equip Labour Services Employment Equity

We’ll help you manage your Employment Equity strategy, and ensure that your plans are compliant and reported on. In addition to helping you avoid hefty fines, we’ll help you create EE strategies and initiatives that make sense and add value.

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Equip Labour Services Affiliated Services

We have a trusted strategic network of professional partners, which ensure our ability to provide complete peace of mind. Especially when dealing with areas where there is a compliance overlap.

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